Le domaine du Château de Pazayac.

The château, the park, the outbuildings, the orchard, and don't forget about the pool.

Explore #1 | The château itself
A 500-year old beauty.

The château of Pazayac was built around 1542 by Hugues de Saint-Chamans.

Over the years the chateau has been modified by the families that lived here. For example, the big balcony on the frontside was added by the family de Lamaze in the early 1900's.

The two turrets have always been there, giving the château her characteristic look.

château de pazayac history

Nil ni si vincit amor.

All angles of the château make her look different. As viewed from the courtyard, the backside looks more like a massive than a château.
And while the front view is charming, the view from the side makes her look very medieval.

The château is situated on the base of a large hill, overlooking Pazayac and looking into the valley before her.

Explore #2 | All 3,5 hectares of the domain
An exquisite park

The château stands on a park of 3,5 hectares, neatly smack in the middle.

She looks out over a meadow, with a beautiful old kiosk on the side. The open front makes it easy to look over Pazayac, all the way to La Rivière de Mansac and even Perpezac-le-Blanc.

The kiosk was most likely used as an outdoor recreational space. Reading poetry, making music, etc. 
We hope to bring this back in the future and organize small concerts in the front yard.

Maybe in our world, there lives a happy little tree over there
B. Ross

The two front parts of the park consist of a collection of truly exquisite trees. Plane trees as high as 50 meters (guesstimated right now, but hopefully officially measured in the future) fill the park and line the two driveways.

In front of the château stand three Lebanese Ceders, towering over the building. Because these trees stand about 45 meters tall, you would almost miss the two sequoias and a ginkgo tree of roughly the same height.

Explore #3 | Outbuildings from past to future
The gîtes-to-be

Behind the château, there are three outbuildings of reasonable size and age.

La maison haute is the biggest and oldest of them, built in 1733, it spans a whopping 250 m2. It is currently divided into a house, a poolhouse, and a large garage.

The middle house was formerly used as a museum for modern weapons! The two top floors are filled with (now empty) display cases.

La maison du gardien served as a washing house in older times and housed the caretaker more recently.


A fantastic getaway for families.

All three of the houses will be stripped down and renovated in order to create gîtes, holiday homes!

We are very much looking forward to sharing this beautiful place with other families in the future.

Explore #4 | Food for all
Orchard and vegetable garden

Next to the caretaker's house, you find one of those classic French things: a mint-green gate that hangs crookedly on its stone pillars.

It is the entry to the orchard and vegetable garden. Now that sounds picturesque and sweet, but it measures about 1 hectare and is quite a lot of work to maintain!

The orchard currently has about 15 apple trees, a few walnut trees, plum trees, cherry trees, and a wicked amount of wild brambles.

Orchard and veggie garden

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

The vegetable garden is new and a project on its own. We think there once was something there, as there are large stones to be found in the ground. Also, there is a well situated there.

We love to combine the learning process of the new veggie garden with what we learn about what was there. Perhaps we can (re)create a walled garden built on the foundations of older vegetable gardens.

Explore #5 | Swimming fun in the sun
The nearly-Olympic pool

The pool of Château de Pazayac deserves a website segment on its own!
Not just because of its size, but also because it will be an integral part of the future holiday home business.

It is located behind the outbuilding, up the hill. In fact, the best views of the region can be seen from the pool terrace. 
You can see all the way to Brive-la-Gaillarde!

A big extra plus: it is the warmest and sunniest spot on the entire terrain.

Pool being renovated

A pool to take seriously.

With nearly 15 meters in length and 6,5 meters wide, it is a pool to take seriously. Oh yes, half of it is also 3,5 meters deep.

You can really swim in this pool, and it is absolutely perfect for a day of family fun in the sun.

In the future, we hope to renovate the terrace and pool itself, and then create a poolbar to complete the fun.